Friday, May 23, 2008

Who will be my VeeP?

Indeed - who will I choose for my running mate? I have been getting calls all weekend from all sorts of people who have crawled out of the woodwork wanting to stand beside me on the podium.

  • Some of them are purely after a chance at running for president themselves in 2016.
  • Some of them truly want to help.
  • Some of them are planning to make documentaries and want to have some sort of credibility when they do it.
  • Some simply want access to the "Undisclosed Location" so they have somewhere to take their families in case of disaster.

I want a V.P. who stands for something, who can provide a valuable sounding board and be a source of advice for me. I want someone who is creative. I want someone who demands perfection of himself and those around him every second of every day. I want someone who gives a killer keynote speech. I want someone who can fix my iPhone when it gets jammed.

I want Steve Jobs.

More accurately, and appropriately, I want FakeSteve Jobs.

So, I put it to you, FSJ, will you join me on the ticket? Will we be

Fauxbama/FakeSteve 08?

I look forward to your response.

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