Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hillary's Supporters are Way Bitter

So, it's "That Time of the Campaign" over at Hillary central, and the claws are coming out:

"But it's been open season on women, and we feel we need to stand up and make a statement about that, because it's wrong." - Organiser Cynthia Ruccia, 55, from an Ohio based Group.
Apparently, there is some sense that Hillary is being discriminated against because of her gender. Apparently Hillary is a woman! I wasn't sure.

Also last week, comedian and magician Penn Jillette, satirising the animus to Senator Clinton in the US, said on cable TV: "Obama did great in February, and that's because that was Black History Month. And now Hillary's doing much better 'cause it's White Bitch Month, right?"

Hillary Clinton's female avengers to hit Barack Obama
The Australian - Sydney,Australia
THE backlash from women to Hillary Clinton's almost certain defeat for the Democratic Party's nomination has started in earnest. ...
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