Sunday, May 18, 2008

John Edwards Likes me, he really really likes me!

I knew it - all this time JE has had an enormous man-crush on me! I've been a huge fan of his, ever since I first saw "Crossing Over" years ago. I mean the man is an honest-to-Allah(swt) (I'm not a secret muslim!) celebrity, and a great asset to the Democrat party - he's our own Fred Thompson, only still alive.

And the great thing about the Edwards endorsement is that he can really mobilize the undead vote - and he'll keep them under control, so they won't accidentally vote for Pat Buchanan like in y2k.

That, and he has brought with him a variety of former democrat luminaries from the other side - people like Kennedy, LBJ, Truman, FDR, Woodrow Wilson (That right, I'm getting Treaty of Versailles and League of Nation props), Grover Cleveland, Grover Cleveland again, Buchanan, Jefferson Davis, Franklin Pierce (played with great success by Alan Alda in MASH), Polk, Van Buren, Jackson and the greatest (deceased) Democrats of all time - Lincoln and Jimmy Carter.

John Edwards endorses Barack Obama, tries to put Hillary Clinton ...
International Herald Tribune - France
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