Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Superdelegates Under the Desk" - Hillary's so-called "supporters" are turning...

Brendan Spiegel on the Huffington Post has blasted the undecided superdelegates (who are fewer and fewer - see below) for not making a stand - either they overturn the will of the people, or they support it. They should just stand up and say so. Either way, there is no chance anymore of President Hillary.

Even if I told my personal followers to vote for her (which I would do at the convention if I had to, but wouldn't mean) you wouldn't - I don't know who you'd vote for, we'd come up with someone. But the upshot would be four years of McCain, followed by my glorious return to save the party.

Superdelegates Under the Desk
Huffington Post - New York,NY,USA
Why are Emanuel and the rest of the undecided superdelegates so fearful of finally ending this thing? We've known for a long time that this ridiculous ...

Superdelegates in VA
WHSV - Harrisonburg,VA,USA
The superdelegates in the Commonwealth are still very much a part of that battle. Five of Virginia's 16 superdelegates have never endorsed any candidate, ...

Superdelegates Continue Heading Obama's Way
CBS News - New York,NY,USA
This race I believe is over, Senator Obama has accumulated a lead in delegates chosen by primaries, caucuses and superdelegates that cannot be overcome. ...
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Three more superdelegates for Obama
CNN Political Ticker - USA
(CNN) — Barack Obama picked up endorsements from three more superdelegates Tuesday, extending his lead over Hillary Clinton in that category to seven. ...

More Superdelegates for Obama
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Even as the Hillary Clinton campaign awaits a likely primary win in West Virginia today, a stream of superdelegate endorsements for Barack Obama continues ...

Obama adds another superdelegate; count up to 282
USA Today - USA
Barack Obama's presidential campaign continues to parcel out announcements of endorsements from Democratic Party superdelegates -- a process that is ...

More superdelegates go Obama's way
Boston Globe - United States
He might get blown out today in West Virginia's primary, but Barack Obama has already added two more superdelegates, as more and more of the party leaders ...

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Superdelegates
Forbes - NY,USA
Superdelegates have an incentive to block-vote in order to exert the most influence. Candidates know this and that creates an incentive to "hang around" ...

Clinton hopes to woo remaining superdelegates
Business Standard - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
The 47-year-old Obama eclipsed Clinton, 60, earlier this week in the number of superdelegates as well registering 275 of them by his side to Clinton's 271. ...

Destroying the rumor mill: Obama is a Muslim, McCain's black baby - MI,USA
by Susan J. Demas | Capitol Chronicles | Analysis One of my friends is a mordant editorial page editor who takes calls at least twice a day from people ...

Obama adds 3 superdelegates so far Tuesday.
Dan Pfeifer, the Obama spokesman sending out the stream of superdelegate releases, has three more so far on Tuesday. Romer, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and DC superdelegate Anita Bond.
Lynn Sweet -

Update: Obama Starts Off The Day With Superdelegates ...
By sazzylilsmartazz(sazzylilsmartazz)
UPDATE: New Orlean Mayor Ray Nagin, another superdelegate, has also endorsed Obama (statement below). Also, the Washington Post reports that one of Clinton's pledged delegates from Maryland has announced that he will support Obama at ...
The Conscientious Objector -

Superdelegates endorsing Obama as West Virginia cast its vote
By anunlovedone
Here are the latest Superdelegate endorsements for Barack: · May 11th * Young Democrats of America Board Member and Former California Young Democrats President Crystal Strait · May 12th * Congressman and US Senate candidate Tom Allen ...

Obama Gains 4 More Superdelegates, 49 More Needed
Still Needed For 2025, 152 (34%), 322.5 (71%), ---. Once you factor in the 103 pledged delegates Obama is likely to win in the final six contests, his needs just 49 more superdelegates to lock-up the nomination... Blog -

Two More Superdelegates For Obama
The Obama campaign held a conference call this morning with Roy Romer, a former Colorado governor and DNC chairman who announced he is endorsing Obama. Romer explained his decision during the call: "Colorado has a state convention this ...

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