Friday, May 9, 2008

I am leading in the super delegates. Hillary can cling to that! Or learn to shoot it or whatever.

Obama Leads in Superdelegates for First Time
New York Times - United States
The trump card Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton held in her faltering bid for president — her support among the superdelegates who can control the fate of the Democratic nomination — began slipping from her grasp on Friday as Senator Barack Obama moved into the lead on this front, with uncommitted delegates declaring their allegiance to him as others deserted her.

Check Point On McCain, Obama and a Hamas Link
New York Times - United States
Speaking at a news conference in New Jersey, Mr. McCain said he believed that comments made by a Hamas leader approving Mr. Obama’s candidacy were “a legitimate point of discussion,” and he went on to accuse Mr. Obama of agreeing to negotiate with the president of Iran, who on Wednesday referred to Israel as “a stinking corpse facing annihilation.” He described that as “a distinct difference between myself and Senator Obama.”

Obama erases Clinton's last lead: Superdelegates
Chicago Tribune - United States
Barack Obama seized the lead in the Democratic presidential race by every measure on Friday, as he shifted his fire from rival Hillary Clinton to ...

Obama Gives West Virginia the Cold Shoulder
Newsweek - USA
Faced with a place that stands no chance of becoming "Barack Obama country," then, Barack Obama is choosing not to go there. Better to keep expectations low ...

A super shift toward Obama
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA
Barack Obama all but erased Hillary Rodham Clinton's once-imposing lead among superdelegates on Friday, picking up the backing of five superdelegates, ...

US elections: Obama plans to declare victory - United Kingdom
By Alex Spillius in Washington Barack Obama plans to declare victory in his marathon battle with Hillary Clinton shortly after polls close in Kentucky and ...

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