Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The old-white-guy establishment is already trying to sabotage my presidency! Also, someone finds Hillary's Spine

Why would I want to be the one to have to decide on a tax increase? It was Bush who got us in to this mess - he should wear the negative karma of the measures that get us out of this. I'm looking forward to 2010, when the Bush era tax cuts for the rich are phased out. My current plan to replace them is a tax cut for the intelligentsia of X percent following this formula:

X = ((IQ/140) + IV - nG - nB)%

where X is the percentage of your default tax rate you will have to pay, IQ is your IQ and IV is the number of years you spent at an Ivy-League school. nG and nB are the number of guns and bibles respectively in your household. Indeed, the very best of us will be getting a negative tax rate - we will pay you not to run off to the highly paid jobs in India that will be appearing around that time.

Where will this money come from you ask? Well, look at the other end of the spectrum - the people for whom X is negative - the ones with the very large nG and nB numbers - their increased taxes will pay for the cuts for the rest of us.

Won't this embitter them? No! It! Wont! because they are already so, so, so bitter...

Also, we all knew Hillary had a spine - it was the heart and soul that may be missing...

Top Democrat announces budget agreement
The Associated Press -
WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats controlling Congress are leaving grim decisions on automatic tax increases to the next president and the newly elected Congress ...

Hillary is the Democrat with a Spine West Virginia Morning Open Thread
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