Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am currently recruiting for my Legion of Super-Delegates

I have just recruited about forty of Hillary's formerly pledged super-delegates, on the
basis of my mathematical (as well as general) superiority.

These forty brave men and women are doing the right thing - putting the greater good of the party ahead of the interests of their smaller cliques and cadres. They realize that splitting the party over a messy primary battle is only going to help McCain.

The last thing the party needs is for the popular candidate to be denied his rightful place on the ballot and to split the vote, handing the republicans an undeserved win.

This is not a threat - it is simply a fact. I will run for president, either as a Democrat or an Independent. I will win. Afterwards I will destroy those who ran against me - be it the Republicans, Nader or a Clinton-Democrat party. Do not make me angry. You will not like me when I am angry.

In short, we do not need another Nader or another Lieberman. Hillary should pull out now before this gets bloodier. And she will never be my VP. I am expecting FSJ to get back to me about the position in the next few days (I know he is busy getting ready to announce the iPhone 2.0 - the one I have had for a few weeks now, so he cannot call me right now). I know he has my number. He has the numbers (and SSNs, email passwords, bank account details etc) of every iPhone user in a database on his Newton 2.0 (which you will all see eventually - I love mine).

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