Friday, May 16, 2008

The New Black

Hillary says she won't be pushed out, whatever that means, and that by staying in the race she's helping democracy and helping people exercise their democratic rights to vote. Supposedly quoting the AP, she also says that she has won the support of hard working Americans, white Americans. she allowed to say that?

Isn't it White the new Black?

Now, me and my good buddy Stephen Colbert don't see color, y'all know that. But I totally see race. So isn't there something just wrong when you lump together all these White Americans like so much oatmeal? Hillary, you're a White American. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're a White American woman, because I also don't see gender (unless we're talking about Michelle, 'cause I'm reasonably sure she's a woman--one of us is, we have kids and I haven't legalized gay conception yet).

Now, Hillary,by playing the reverse race card you have left me with no other choice - I must play one of my (many) trump cards:

The Reverse Reverse Race Card! (Yes I Can! in the 48 contiguous states, Void where prohibited and prohibited where void)

The Reverse Reverse Race Card allows me to point out all the evils the White Man has inflicted upon my proud African Brothers, Sisters and secret Muslims every where (not that I am one).

You must vote for me, because I'm a Black Man, because Your People kept My People as Slaves. You must assuage the hudreds and hundreds of years of guilt your families have built up, by voting for me. Also, We run fast, play basketball better than you and we like gansta hip-hop. I will pop a "cap" in Hillary's "ass".

There. now back to real politics (unless I need another trump card later).

I'm Barack Obama and I improved this message.

Hillary Clinton On What's Next
CBS News - New York,NY,USA
Hillary Clinton spoke Wednesday with CBS News anchor Katie Couric about what's next - including what it would take for her to wind up in the White House. ...
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Couric: A lot of people were struck last week when you noted that you had won the support of hard working Americans, white Americans. Using those words, do you think that was dangerously close to playing the reverse race card?

Clinton: No, not at all. I was just referring to an AP article. You know, people have voted for me because they believe I'd be a better fighter and a better champion. They believe I would fight for universal healthcare. That I'd make college affordable.

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