Friday, May 9, 2008

Is Clinton out of the race? McCain adviser says Obama is being hypocritical

Beat the Press: High-flying Obama plays to win
The Associated Press -

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Perhaps Barack Obama's competitive juices need new outlets now that he has expanded his lead over Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.

On a five-hour flight from Washington to Oregon late Thursday, the Illinois senator came to the back of his charter plane for a spirited word game against reporters, and it was clear he did not intend to lose.

In "Taboo," a player under time constraints must prompt teammates to guess words or names without using obvious hints. For instance, in giving clues for "equator," the player is penalized if he says "Earth," "center" or "line."

Obama and a half-dozen aides took on a team of journalists, mostly young TV network reporters who have traveled with him for months. The senator jumped in eagerly and often.

When his communications director Robert Gibbs gave the clue, "I've got a good," Obama called out, "vibration!"

"Shorter than that," Gibbs said.

"Vibe," Obama guessed correctly.

Why Barack Obama fears an immediate halt to Hillary Clinton's campaign
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA

"The Democratic race now moves to West Virginia," Jay Leno noted during his monologue Thursday night on "The Tonight Show." "Today, Hillary Clinton claimed she always wanted to be a coal miner. But those dreams were daDemocratic presidential strategist Tad Devine says the worst thing that could happen to presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign right now is for Hillary Clinton to withdraw as Obama might still lose several primariesshed when she was forced to attend Wellesley and Yale."

The political focus now does, indeed, shift to the Mountaineer State for its primary there next Tuesday. And then Kentucky and Oregon and Puerto Rico down to the very end in Montana on June 3 when springtime there is just weeks away.

McCain adviser says Obama is being hypocritical
USA Today - USA
The campaign day was near it close Thursday when Democratic contender Barack Obama said on CNN's Situation Room that presumptive Republican nominee John McCain was "losing his bearings." Obama's complaint: McCain had said several times that Hamas wants Obama to win in November. Obama said that was a "smear."

Obama with security detail May 8 2008 small.jpg

Obama vows to seat Fla. delegates
Baltimore Sun - United States

Sen. Barack Obama walks through the Dirksen Senate office building with his security detail at the U.S. Capitol. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

by Bill Gibson

Barack Obama promised a group of uncommitted superdelegates today that he would seat Florida's delegation at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

``He assured us that Florida delegates will be at the convention and they'll have their party hats on,'' reported South Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney, one of the uncommitted superdelegates.

This appears to be the first time Obama, the front-runner for the nomination, has made such a clear, definite promise. Hillary Clinton, his rival for the nomination, has made the pledge several times.

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