Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Next on Mastermind...

Ted Turner.

He's a billionaire media mogul hailing from Atlanta. Ted's special subject is "The
Bleedin' Obvious" (sorry Basil)

In news that startles no-one (except Michelle's dad: he never liked me) CNN has announced that I have clinched the nomiation, making me the "first African-American to lead a U.S. major-party ticket."

Never mind that I locked up the numbers weeks ago, CNN chose to wait until the last possible moment to realize that the new day has dawned. That the new "new deal" is here. That change has come at last.

I am the Democratic Party Nominee for President. I am Barack Fauxbama. I am not a Secret Muslim.

Also from the "Well, duh" files, Hillary Clinton still refuses to concede defeat. I must ask my team whether I can do it for her - can I concede victory? Or concede defeat on her behalf?

CNN projects Obama clinches nomination

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